Our lineup of prepaid debit cards would not be complete without mentioning the Walmart MoneyCard. While this card is missing several features that our higher-ranked products have, it does come with some nice conveniences. It offers some low fees, and you can reload your card at any Walmart location. You also have the ability to transfer funds from your bank account to your prepaid debit card.

While Walmart states that it has the right to make changes to the fees and agreement at any time, we have listed the fees that are posted on their website currently:

  • One-time Walmart fee: $3
  • ATM withdrawal: $2 plus ATM fees
  • International ATM withdrawal: $2 plus ATM fees
  • ATM balance inquiry: $1
  • Replacement card: $3
  • Second card: $3
  • Foreign purchases: Two percent of total purchase amount in U.S. dollars

Walmart charges a monthly maintenance fee of $3.00. However, if you are able to add at least $1,000 or more to your card each month, the fee is waived.

Several other prepaid debit card companies will charge you a fee to check your balance via customer service; the Walmart MoneyCard does not. You can check your balance and transaction history online, or you can call customer service for free.

All cardholders of a Walmart MoneyCard card must be at least 16 years old. If you are a minor between the ages of 16 and 17, you must have a parent on the phone with you during the card and account activation process, according to the cardholder agreement.

All prepaid debit cards come with a privacy agreement and a cardholder agreement, and both documents generally have a lot of fine print. The Walmart prepaid debit card definitely takes the cake, however. The amount of fine print associated with this card is staggering. Of course, we do understand why Walmart must hash out every little detail, but the language it’s written in is not the easiest to understand, which makes reading it even more taxing.

We also take issue with Walmart's policy on removing a second cardholder from your account. You are able to order a second card (for a $3 fee) and give it to a family member or friend. This card is linked to your account and, according to the FAQs section, the only way to remove it is to "cut up the second card and return it, along with the cardholder's name, to the Walmart MoneyCard Customer Service."

One of the main features of this prepaid debit card is that it requires no credit check. To obtain a card, however, you will need to give your name, address, date of birth and social security number to Walmart.

You can use your prepaid debit card for the following transactions:

  • Make purchases everywhere a Visa or MasterCard debit card is accepted
  • Receive cash back from merchants
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM

You cannot use this card for illegal purchases (which makes sense) or internet gambling.

At first glance, there seems to be a great list of ways for you to load your prepaid debit card with money. Upon closer look, we see that three of the six loading options must be done at Walmart, including:

Cash – At thousands of participating Walmart locations across the U.S., you can swipe your prepaid card at any register to load money. You must load a minimum of $20 each time and can only load a maximum of $1,100. You will also pay a $3 fee each time you load money onto the debit card.

Check – You can cash your payroll or government check at Walmart and then load your prepaid card with the money. Again, you must load a minimum of $20 each time. If you load money from a check that you cashed at Walmart onto your card, you can load up to $2,999, and the maximum amount that you can have on the card at any time is $3,000.

MoneyCenter – Participating Walmart stores have a MoneyCenter Express at the front of the store. This express station looks like an ATM, but it lets you do so much more. Not only can you withdrawal money, but you can also add money to your prepaid debit card, purchase money orders and more. You will be charged a $3 fee to load money onto your card using this option.

Aside from the Walmart-based options, you can also have your employer deposit your paycheck directly into your MoneyCard prepaid card account. You can also transfer money from your bank or credit union. There are no reload fees for these options. If none of these options is available to you, you can purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak cash reload card. Many retailers will charge you up to $4.95 for one of these cards.

Note: You cannot withdrawal more than $400 in cash from an ATM each day, and you cannot purchase more than $3,000 worth of goods and services in a 24-hour period. This $3,000 limit includes cash back.

If you have questions, concerns, technical questions or need to report a lost or stolen card, you can call the customer service phone number. For email support, you click on a link on the Contact Us page on the Walmart Cardholder website that will take you to a form that you can fill out.

For general questions, you can visit the FAQs page, which contains answers to many questions. The answers vary between detailed and vague.

Walmart MoneyCard Summary:

The Walmart prepaid debit card is surprising. Compared to other cards, the MoneyCard lacks functionality, flexibility and pizzazz. Although the cardholder agreement is very long and highly detailed, we did appreciate that everything you needed to know about the card is right there, including information about the fees.


Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard

Walmart does not charge a fee for you to speak with customer service, even for simple things such as to check your balance.

The cardholder agreement is very detailed, but it can be difficult to understand.

The Verdict
: 7.98/10

The Walmart MoneyCard pales compared to other prepaid debit cards, but the convenience of loading funds at any Walmart location is hard to beat.